Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hit or Miss...Why is this necessary?

Hey there everyone!

After I got home from this tour today, I went out in the rain to find some dinner. I wound up on the northern side of Yerevan (after a few wrong turns as usual), on Marshall Baghramian Street. This is where the President of Armenia has his residence, and the Parliament is close by.

I was looking for another barbecue place, because I had heard that the ones in this area were better and in a different style from the ones further down by the river, like Caesar's Palace where I had eaten.

After walking through the rain aimlessly as usual (I am almost used to this by now), I bumped into a couple of Austrians on the street. They recommended that I try this place with local specialites and beer on draft that was right around the corner. I eventually found it, right next to Marshall Baghramian metro station.

I found it, and the draft beer and soup were good. I also had some lamb barbecue. A bit tough in spots, but usually good.

I noticed that the menu said that they add a service charge on. That's fine by me.

At the end of this, the waiter was a different person. When he brought me the check, he never brought me back my change when I paid. I got the idea something was funny. When I asked for my change, he went and got it, and then made a gesture with his fingers, asking me for a tip!! I could not believe how uncouth he was! And he stood over me, watching me, as I put one hundred drams
into the thing and closed it. I knew that the service was included, but 100 drams is about $0.30 . He did not look satisfied, and I walked out in a huff. He should feel lucky that I even gave him that.

I took the metro from Marshall Baghramian to Republic Square, fuming mad. Well, it was rainy, and now it's time to go to sleep.


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